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The Clutch Express has a mission to consistently provide a one of a kind experience through our customer service and clutches to ensure an enjoyable and memorable shopping experience for every clutch lover. We have adopted a people-first approach at every level.


Clutches that The Clutch Express provides are always at the forefront of their market segment. Exclusivity is key. All styles are hand-picked by the owner specifically for each clutch lover to reflect their individual personalities and aesthetic.



Meet Jamille.

She's so clutch!

Jamille Leonard, owner of The Clutch Express has always had an eye for accessorizing, and has set her style apart from the crowd with her choice of vibrant handbags. She receives many compliments from friends, and even strangers, for how she pairs her choice of clothing with her accessories, highlighting her favorite accessory; the clutch.


After earning her bachelors degree from Stillman College, Jamille began saving to invest in her dream of becoming a business owner. From there, The Clutch Express was born. "As a woman, I know a nice handbag makes your outfit stand out. This is my baby, my brand, and I'm sticking by it to make every woman happy." 




Ready to wrap up your look with a bangin' bag? Jamille has strived to complete your outfit with her top choices of clutches that are guaranteed to turn heads.



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